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Always, in Spite of Everything, Mimi Cherono Ng'ok

Always, in Spite of Everything, Mimi Cherono Ng'ok

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Title: Always, in Spite of Everything

Artist: Mimi Cherono Ng'ok

Text: Akinbode Akinbiye, Neelika Jayawardane, and Mimi Cherono Ng'ok.

Dimensions: 24 x 31

Pages: 64

Year: 2016

Type: Softcover catalogue

Publisher: Galleri Image

Printer: Narayana Press



In conjunction with Mimi Cherono Ng'ok's exhibition, Always, in Spite of Everything, Galleri Image published a richly illustrated exhibition catalogue. It is printed at Narayana Press and contains texts by the exhibition curator and photographer Akinbode Akinbiye, Associate Professor in English at New York State University, Neelika Jayawardane, and the artist herself, Mimi Cherono Ng'ok.

The catalog is generously supported by The Danish Arts Foundation and CKU and published in connection with Images '16

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